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B.E.A.R. Solutions
Web Design / Development Green Solutions ConsultingB.E.A.R. provides green solutions and services that aim to reduce business's operational expenses Visit the Site

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B.E.A.R. Solutions Case Study

"Working with SimpleFlame on our project not only solved our problem, but opened doors into the architecture of Adobe Business Catalyst platform that we did know existed. SimpleFlame was able to offer solutions that were built into Business Catalyst, which saved time in terms of development and money"

Jeff Bernier

Green Solutions Consulting Firm

B.E.A.R Solutions is a Business Consulting firm that specializes in energy management solutions, recycling and waste management solutions, merchant services as well as the resale of wholesale electricity and gas in deregulated markets.


Jeff Bernier approached SimpleFlame with a development challenge to try and automate a business process that has to date been managed manually and all offline.  Within their industry, B.E.A.R. has taken a leading edge approach to the resale of not just electricity, but also gas for both residential and commercial accounts. Their goal is to shop the energy suppliers and provide better rates on energy costs.


SimpleFlame created a workflow that enables B.E.A.R to capture all critical components on a lead and then broker the leads online, rather than through paper and manual process.

Our Process

This website project was unique in that we came in and just developed a specific piece of functionality to solve one specific workflow challenge. The goal was to create a workflow that enables users to enter their current energy provider’s information and usage, and be presented with new suppliers, their rates, and estimated savings, ultimately providing a lead form to a user to switch services.  This workflow enables B.E.A.R to capture all critical components on a lead and then broker the leads online, rather than through paper and manual process.

The details were critical and required a discovery phase where we met several times to determine user case scenarios, the user interface, usability, and necessary design considerations. The process of creating wireframes or blueprints to map out the experience and functional steps was a critical component to the success of this project.

Our biggest challenge was trying to scale this project with unknown growth potential, but leaned on development techniques that will enable scalability and easy maintenance.

In addition to the workflow development, Jeff requested SimpleFlame to update their Homepage carousel and marketing area to make it more engaging as this was the start of the critical path for conversion with the new funneling workflow.

The Results:

  • Designed and developed a lead funneling workflow to improve business process
  • Created a user-friendly comparison tool for reducing energy bills
  • Designed a very engaging homepage conversion
  • Provided easy ways for scalability of new states, providers and suppliers to be added to this process workflow


  • Lead Funneling Web App
  • Extensive Web Form Development
  • Calculated Savings Web App
  • Workflow tied to CRM Data Base
  • Landing Page Web App
  • Form and Script Validation

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