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We are proud to announce that Coastal Cakes Company, a British Columbia confection company, has just launched their new website. Checkout their site

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Recruiting Nation
Logo / Branding / Design / Development Job Recruitment SiteBy employing video in the recruiting process, RecruitingNation offers a unique solution for both Companies and JobSeekers to screen, attract, and select from the best candidates and jobs available. Visit the Site

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Recruiting Nation Case Study

I am constantly impressed by the amazing service and product SimpleFlame delivers - absolutely a go-to team! I fully recommend their work.

John Stern Co-Founder of Recruiting Nation

Video-based Job Recruitment Site

The 1,000’s of mediocre job boards and employment sites have rendered companies and candidates faceless in a sea of bulk job listings and digital resumes. With all the advances in technology, why does it seem harder today than ever before to find the right fit?

With that sentiment in mind, RecruitingNation identified a major gap in the recruiting process: lack of branding and personalization. Companies and candidates didn’t have a platform to effectively sell themselves and tell their unique story. 

RecruitingNation’s revolutionary concept for video-based interviews would streamline the recruitment process for both audiences. That became the new business idea behind RecruitingNation. 


With that groundbreaking idea, RecruitingNation blazed ahead engaging with a small, overseas development team to hash out this concept. RecruitingNation encountered several roadblocks with that team delivering on the high-level marketing strategies put forth and struggled with an elevated design aesthetic that would effectively work for a US audience. If RecruitingNation was going to sell the solution of personal branding with video resumes, then their branding, design and marketing had to be completely rethought.


The identity Simpleflame designed for RecruitingNation is a nod to the United Nations. The mark represents uniting a population, both job seekers and companies with the match they are seeking...

Our Process

RecruitingNation employed SimpleFlame to rethink the branding, user interface and marketing strategies for both the marketing and application portions of the site.

To get started, SimpleFlame needed to revamp the brand identity. Several logo concepts were crafted and ultimately pitched to the client. One winner stood above the rest – not due to the execution of strong typography alone, but the complexity and conceptual reasoning behind the symbolism of the logo mark. RecruitingNation’s identity is a nod to the United Nations: unifying eight abstract person icons in an inner-facing circle, banded with five colors. The mark represents uniting a population, both job seekers and companies, with the match they are seeking through the talent recruitment process.

Secondly, SimpleFlame had the task of redesigning the marketing site and mirrored application dashboard. After evaluating the existing site design, the design team made strategic recommendations for improving the brand and overall user experience. SimpleFlame flawlessly executed on the creative deliverables, infusing the new branding to the re-architected site. The final deliverables included two beautifully branded websites: the marketing site and the application site.

The Results:

  • Established a new, professional brand identity that has a global appeal
  • Achieved a cohesive brand identity and interface both the marketing site and application
  • Leverage consistently branded marketing collateral including business card, letterhead, stationary, PPT presentation, social media backgrounds


  • Developed separate websites for the public marketing site and the secure application sub domain
  • Dynamic homepage carousel web app
  • Testimonial slider and web app
  • Company Spotlight web app to highlight feature companies
  • Email marketing system for customized email campaigns
  • Integrated Blog module

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