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Our Team

Cesar Keller

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Cesar enjoys spending time with his wife Angela and two kids; Audrey and Miguel. Favorite hobbies include: golf, photography, playing guitar, watching movies and sports.

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Cesar supervises all internal and external projects when it comes to usability, user-interface design, and brand strategy.  Cesar has 15 years of professional design experience as an art/creative/interactive designer.  With hundreds of logos, site concepts, and successful usability 

studies behind him, he looks forward and is passionate for every new project opportunity.  Cesar’s primary responsibilities include client relationships, overseeing the brand/marketing strategy for Pixel IQ’s business ventures, and business development.

How do you take your coffee?

I have a sweet tooth so any kind of mocha does the body good.

Where do you go when you’re off the grid?

If I’m not with the family, I’m on the golf course!

Hidden Talents:

I used to be pretty good at playing classical guitar.

Desired Superhero power:

I’m a history geek and would love the ability to time travel.

I can’t live without:

My wife Angela and two adorable kids; Audrey (5) and Miguel (1)

Your biggest inspiration:

My parents. They moved us from Guatemala to the US in search for a better life full of opportunity. That took a lot of courage and I’m forever grateful.

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