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Coastal Cake Company is Now Live

We are proud to announce that Coastal Cakes Company, a British Columbia confection company, has just launched their new website. Checkout their site

Our Team

J.J. Bragg

Account Manager

Son, Brother, Uncle, Boyfriend, Friend, Fantasy Football Fanatic, Golf Enthusiast and never ending Student of Life

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J.J. stands on the front lines of our brands, assisting new and existing customers.  His primary goal is ensure that even the smallest, prospective client is handled the same way as our largest, longest accounts — with care, consideration and efficiency.  

JJ is new to the online business building industry, but his background in golf has honed his ability to make everyone feel valued, appreciated, respected and understood. 

Website you visit the most:

I would guess,, or

How do you take your coffee?

I usually pass on coffee… not my favorite.

Where do you go when your off the grid:

Unfortunately, I’m not off the grid too much.   I have been known to transfer templates between the green and next tee-box.

Desired Superhero power:

I would have to go with teleportation; I think that would be pretty cool. Or time travel, does that count as a superhero power?

What SimpleFlame Zoo animal are you?

JJ Braggasaurus, though I didn’t have a hand in choosing that. I would have gone with the Rhymenoceros or the Hiphopopotamus.

I can’t live without:

My iPhone and or my next newest/latest putter

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