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We are excited to announce that NutraCarina, a certified nutrition app, has launched their new marketing site and application. See More about NutraCarina


"Design is a means toward accomplishing the end goals of serving markets and generating profits."

Thomas F Schutte

Our Philosophy

If you truly want to achieve online success, you need to think of your website as a business instead of a brochure.

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If results are what really matter, here are the questions your website should answer:

  • Does my website explain how I solve a critical problem?
  • Can I fulfill the promise that my service or product delivers?
  • Is there any clear proof my service or product solves a critical problem?
  • Does my website provides an irresistible offer to a specific target audience?
  • Can prospects visiting my website take an action that starts a conversion process?

An Online Brochure Is No Longer Enough

After everything is considered, any online business performance strategy will end in the following types of questions. How much traffic came to our website? Where did the traffic come from? Out of all the visiting traffic, where on the site did they land? And how many conversions did the site capture?

Then you can ask more specifically, what where the critical paths that led your prospects to strategic conversion points? And lastly, how is your team following up on those conversions so your sales funnel is full and you are getting sales? Online success is not achieved by building a pretty website. Features, bells, whistles in today’s platforms are nothing without a strategic plan to get conversions.

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Our philosophy is to learn about your online business goals and to ensure that you have a plan on how to get conversions.

Conversions can be achieved in many different ways:

  • Collecting an email address
  • Pointing a person to call a phone number
  • Gathering information by a person filling out a web form
  • Having a customer fill out a satisfaction survey
  • Getting a prospect to sign up for a follow-up
  • Allowing a customer to purchase a product

SimpleFlame carefully listens to learn more about your business logic in order to understand the nature of what conversion process can help you. And most of the time it is all about more sales. A brochure website is defined as an online site that merely presents you with passive information with no interactivity or invitation to take action. A web business is defined as a strategic online engine that puts users on a track, separates prospects from suspects, invites action to be taken through a great offer ending in possible sales.

Our philosophy is... We help achieve online success through Adobe Business Catalyst. We do this through our experience as design and development strategists. We look forward to working with you. Learn more about our Business Owner or BC Partner Services.

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