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NutraCarina is Now Live

We are excited to announce that NutraCarina, a certified nutrition app, has launched their new marketing site and application. See More about NutraCarina


We understand that your site is never finished. Going live is just the beginning, and we look forward to helping you every step of the way.

Take Your Site Live

Take your slite live

Ready to Take your site LIVE? Before going live, please review the following questions below and provide the necessary information.

You will need to create a support ticket to initiate the “go live” process. By creating a support ticket, you will have direct access with the service and development team to ensure a smooth transition. Please ensure you allow two full business days to complete this process.

  1. Are you hosted on Business Catalyst?

    Ensure your website is upgraded (meaning hosted on Business Catalyst). If it is not upgraded, you will first need to select a Hosting plan. Visit our hosting options, select a plan and sign up using a credit card for the monthly recurring hosting costs. Be sure to include the full name and email address of the person needing admin and support access.

    view our hosting plans

  2. What is the domain name for the website?

    You will need to provide us the domain name (URL) registered for your website. If there are additional URLs you have registered, please provide those as well, and identify the main URL.

  3. Are you wanting email hosted with Business Catalyst or externally?

    Business Catalyst email hosting: Business Catalyst has email options as part of the hosting plan. Should you choose this option, please provide us a list of all email addresses, with full name and password preference.

    External email hosting: You can also keep your current email provider. There would be no disruption in email services, should you choose this option.

  4. Are you making DNS changes to your domain name or is SimpleFlame?

    Simpleflame is making the changes: If we are, you will need to provide us with the log in credentials to your registrar. Examples of registrars include GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.

    You are making the changes: If it is you, SimpleFlame can provide you the necessary information from Business Catalyst to get the domain name pointed to the new site.

  5. Ensure all Administrators have been set-up

    Depending on your hosting plan, you have a maximum number of admin users. Make sure those specified individuals have access to both the admin console of the website and to support ticketing within SimpleFlame. If not, provide each person's name and email address that should have access.

Submit a support ticket. Take your site live.

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