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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

SimpleFlame offers a variety of consulting services that include analysis and training. Strategic planning can save you a lot of time and money.

Feasibility Analysis

We understand that Business Catalyst isn't the only option in the market. There are various alternatives and options to choose from when making a decision on the best platform to build your website. "Can this be done with Business Catalyst?" is the most popular question we answer on a weekly basis. We've been there and done that, even gotten the t-shirt. But, every project is a unique instance and we continue to be pushed by special requests all the time. In complex situations, our experienced team provides consulting services in circumstances where a diagnosis needs to arrive at a technical solution.

The variables we find important are:

  • Cost required in comparison to value received that ensures solution is worth the investment
  • Ability to appropriately and effectively manage the technical solution with resources available

If the solution is possible, but the cost is outrageous then we try to find alternative solutions. The value needs to be there to be a mutually beneficial solution for all parties. Effective and simple management of the website is equally important.

API Analysis

API stands for Application Programming Interface. So why should you consider or think about an API solution for a project? Although Adobe Business Catalyst is a great system, there are many other systems that perform tasks or manage data better for your business. There is no such thing as the perfect system, but through the use of APIs, it is possible to synchronize and connect multiple independent platforms to work as one.

API Analysis

Examples of 3rdparty systems that we have connected to Business Catalyst include:

  • CRMs such as Highrise
  • Support Systems such as ZenDesk
  • Accounting Modules such as T-Hub
  • Fulfillment Center Systems
  • And more

more API development

Business Catalyst Training

Many of our clients are new to the Adobe Business Catalyst environment. Although other systems are similar, every platform has its unique way to manage a website. SimpleFlame provides individualized training packages with clients that have completed a custom project or integration. Online meetings and video screen casts through one-on-one consulting are tailored to meet specific training needs. Expert advice on how to effectively manage your website with Business Catalyst can save you a lot of time and energy.

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