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Coastal Cake Company is Now Live

We are proud to announce that Coastal Cakes Company, a British Columbia confection company, has just launched their new website. Checkout their site


Design Integrations

Design Integrations

You Design. We Code. We can integrate your projects into Adobe Business Catalyst. Sell more projects and keep designing, we’ll take care of the entire development process.

Pixel Perfect

The problem is you can design like nobody’s business, but when it comes to pixel perfect code, there’s a lot to digest.

Design Integration

How many times have sent your awesome designs off to a developer only to have them hacked it up beyond recognition? Our philosophy is the code must render your designs pixel perfect...all the time...every every latest modern browser. We treat our own designs with great care and we will treat yours the same way.

Fully Optimized Code

Quality code really matters! How any website is constructed makes a huge difference that is contingent on various factors. Learning all the tricks, applying the correct techniques, and ensuring that the foundational configuration is future-compatible with later phases or new technology is extremely difficult.

Here are the main considerations that we don’t take for granted, why should you?

  • Hand coded HTML5 and CSS3
  • Fully Semantic Markup
  • W3C Compliance
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Load Speed Optimized
  • Custom jQuery ready to go