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Coastal Cake Company is Now Live

We are proud to announce that Coastal Cakes Company, a British Columbia confection company, has just launched their new website. Checkout their site


Full Website Project

Full Website Project

BC out-of-the-box means nothing to us. We love custom!

Most business owners that come to SimpleFlame for a web project are looking for a new project from scratch or are ready to completely re-design their existing website. Business owners that are looking for these are perfect candidates for a full website project:

  • Beautiful design
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Conversion points to promote products and or services
  • A strategic plan for effective site management and maintenance
  • All built on an all-in-one integrated web platform by Adobe

Building a Site From Scratch

A full A-Z approach takes place with various considerations through the project lifecycle that includes:

  • Project Management
    Project Management

    Project Management carefully considers the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals. SimpleFlame's goals include completing your project on time and on budget. Every project receives a dedicated project manager that you can contact during business hours. We also use project management online software to easily keep track of communications, files, reviews, approvals, and progress. You will know where your project stands at all times. We realize that excellent communication skills and status can make or break any project.

  • Discovery

    Larger and more complicated projects may require the need for discovery sessions. But sometimes, it's all about the details. Open communications and back and forth collaboration with our clients enable business logic and unspoken requirements to surface and be noted. Our team blends design, development, and technological skills with your business experience to arrive at the best solution.

  • Research & Development
    Research & Development

    SimpleFlame employs an extremely talented staff with research capabilities, whether its design, system feasibility, or general creative problem solving. There are no manuals to complicated and custom requests. The strongest and most resourceful teams find a way to get it done and convert experimental functions into practical and proven methodologies. We thrive on pressure and our agile development environment.

  • Wireframe Process
    Wireframe Process

    Wireframes are an important part within the design process, especially in complex projects. Wireframes help clarify exactly what needs to be a part of the user interface. Consider it a visual checklist that ensures your business logic, content flow, and calls to action are set-up correctly. Wireframes are cost effective by saving you potential time revising hi-fidelity comps. Wireframes can easily be revised or discarded and provide a great visual foundation for any project.

  • Design Concepts
    Design Concepts

    Once the wireframe process is complete, SimpleFlame's graphic design team takes over. We pay close attention to benchmarks, style requirements, layout specifications and your brand identity in order to meet the expectation of your users. Some companies are bold and highly graphical, others prefer minimal design. Understanding project goals and ensuring the visual aesthetics match up to Business Catalyst capabilities is key. That's because we aim not only at creating an amazing interface, but we care about how effective and easily it is maintained post-launch.

  • Cut Phase
    Cut Phase

    Upon the completion and approval of all design comps, SimpleFlame's development team gets to do what they do best; code. Our cut phase is defined as the process of taking Adobe Photoshop Layered Source Files and converting the design into sliced XHTML and CSS. Although many individuals out there know about XHTML and CSS, few are talented to consider all of the following details:

    • Fully semantic markup
    • W3C compliance
    • Cross Browser Capability
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Load Speed Optimization

    Many designers have a love and passion for the design. But it takes a dedicated and special talent to program with standards that meet all the above considerations. The quality and foundation of any project starts with the simple coded templates. If code isn't right, it's an uphill battle the rest of the way.

  • Integration Phase
    Integration Phase

    SimpleFlame has dedicated integration specialists that assemble amazing code and wire it into Adobe Business Catalyst. We have a reputation for building complicated projects, while maintaining the integrity of how Business Catalyst projects should be managed… simple and effective. We work towards the endless-perfection of extracting technology so it doesn't get in your way. After all, you picked Adobe's platform for a reason. From base setups to complex API integrations with multiple 3rd party system synchronizations, our development team gets "geeked out" about this stuff.

  • Testing & Debugging
    Testing & Debugging

    Based on scope, all projects end with strict reviews. Websites are tested through major browsers and other web devices such as tablets and mobile phones. We care deeply about getting it right. We pride ourselves in fixing any issues that arise from the normal development lifecycle.

  • Fulfillment

    Adobe's Business Catalyst platform is meant for those who want the control and administrative access in order to successfully supervise a web business. This means having the ability to modify content, add products, market through emails, and run reports. SimpleFlame works with many clients and customers encompassing a wide range of skills and experience. When needed, SimpleFlame can participate in content and product fulfillment. Other times, we merely get involved in the heavy lifting tasks such as design and development.

  • Training

    Many of our clients are new to the Adobe Business Catalyst environment. Although other systems are similar, every platform has its unique way to manage a website. SimpleFlame provides individualized training packages with clients that have completed a custom project or integration. Online meetings and video screen casts through one-on-one consulting are tailored to meet specific training needs. Expert advice on how to effectively manage your website with Business Catalyst can save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Deployment

    So, you're at a great spot! Your project is complete, and your content and products are in the system. The only thing left is going-live! The process of shutting off one website and turning on another is unique from project to project, especially if e-commerce is involved. SimpleFlame can assist you with the migration from another system to Business Catalyst. We'll take a step-by-step approach and schedule your launch to ensure all deployment tasks are completed on time.

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