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Coastal Cake Company is Now Live

We are proud to announce that Coastal Cakes Company, a British Columbia confection company, has just launched their new website. Checkout their site


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Making a particular set of type or symbol or combination of both a memorable and pleasing experience is challenging. Successful logo design is a process of simplification and minimal elegance. Our designers have the experience to extract meaning, make associations, and take in perception considerations that result in a memorable logo.

Logo Detail Information:

If the success of your business is important to you, then it makes sense that you invest adequately in the creative process of logo and identity design. SimpleFlame offers logo packages from $1000+.

  1. Basic Package

    This budget range is best suited for the small business, self-employed, small web shop that is looking for a simple stand-alone logo mark or icon design. Initial planning, development of brief, and amounts of revisions are limited.

  2. Extended Package

    This budget range is best suited for an intermediate project where logotype and brand standards are really important across different types of media. Having a logo-identity that is executed across all types such as print, web, social media, video in a consistent manner requires additional planning and production time. Getting substantial advice and considering getting it right can save you a lot of time, energy and investment

  3. Professional Package

    If your brand identity is the main way to attract and filter business opportunities, then your budget needs to adequately cover the amount of time for planning and the creative process that yields the best results. Time is crucial when investigating personality, perception, and delivering the perfect visual message that reflects your brand and standard. This package is for advanced production with meticulous revisions and drafts until the desired style look and feel is achieved.

Our logo process includes the following at various levels as defined above through our 3 packages:

  • Develop logo brief
  • Research & Development
  • Study benchmarks
  • Study style requirements
  • Review branding requirements
  • Design concepts
    • Options for Type
    • Options for Symbol
    • Options for Signature Line
    • Variations of layout
    • Footprint, ratio, balance
  • Revision process
  • Develop logo guidelines
  • Provide logo files for multi-purpose use

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